How to properly care for leather bags

How to properly care for leather bags – Luxury bags with the best quality leather can provide satisfaction for their owners, both in terms of function and style.

Because it is made of superior quality leather, you also need to take good care of it so that your expensive bag doesn’t get damaged quickly. 

But, unfortunately, many don’t understand how to care for quality leather in fashion products, especially bags. In fact, if you are not patient, the quality of the leather material can immediately decrease in a short time.

In order to always last, it’s good to start giving more care for your luxury leather bag. Come on, see some of the following leather bag care tips:

  • If you often put cosmetics in a bag, use a special pouch
  • Save in a special place
  • If you have time, clean the bag immediately after use
  • Keep away from water or wet places
  • Use alternating bags
  • Remove stains

How to properly care for leather bags

Make sure the bottom of the bag is covered with metal

Leather material does not only consist of one kind. There are authentic or full grain leather materials, synthetic, aniline, bonded leather, to patent leather. Usually, many luxury bags are made of full grain leather which is known to be smoother, more fibrous, and stronger. When buying a luxury bag, first find out the type of leather used in making the bag so that you will better understand the tricks to care for it.

If you often put cosmetics in a bag, use a special pouch

Girls often put all kinds of cosmetic products in their bags. It should be noted, lipstick, foundation, or powder can spill, which can ruin the appearance of the bag. To avoid this, be sure to use a special cosmetic pouch.

Save in a special place

After using the bag, don’t just hang it on the shelf. Immediately store it in a dustbag then put it in a special bag cabinet. Try to keep the bag at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. If your bag dustbag is lost, replace it with natural fiber. What is important, don’t store the bag in plastic or vinyl packaging, which can make the bag more damp and mossy easily.

If you have time, clean the bag immediately after use

Make sure to empty the contents of the bag before storing it. Clean the inside of the bag from dirt using a dry cloth. Avoid using household cleaning fluids to clean the surface of the bag. If necessary, use a special cleaning product for leather materials.

Keep away from water or wet places

Leather can “trap” water into its lining. So, try not to get your luxury leather bag exposed to rain or wet places. If you have already, clean it with a dry cloth by patting the wet part, not by rubbing or rubbing the surface of the leather bag.

Use alternating bags

You must have a favorite bag. But, try not to use your leather bag too often. Try using a bag with a certain delay and changing to another bag so that people who see you don’t get bored either. In addition, using too often has the potential to reduce the quality of the skin color and fiber, especially if you are a less painstaking person.

Remove stains

In order to be careful, sometimes stain spills can’t be avoided. Don’t worry, the stain can still be cleaned, really. But, remember, different stains are different ways to clean them.

For example, for oil or liquid stains, you can clean a leather bag with baby powder or talcum. Leave it overnight and clean the powder marks with a cloth. 

However, if the stain is dry and difficult to clean with a regular cloth, it is better to immediately take it to a professional treatment center to avoid damage to the leather material.

Make sure the bottom of the bag is covered with metal

Choose a bag that has metal legs. The presence of feet can avoid direct contact with the wet surface while making the bag easier to place. Also pay attention to the strength of his legs. Don’t let the patch come off or shake easily.

If cared for properly, leather bags can still look beautiful even though they are tens of years old, you know. So, for those who really love branded leather bags, from now on, give the best care for your favorite items, OK!

See you next time.

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