The Influence of the Environment on Human Behavior – The environment is one of the most significant determinants of human behavior. How not, if you are in a positive environment, of course, you will also behave positively.

Likewise, silverforce if you are in a negative environment, indirectly your form of behavior will also have a negative impact too.

For example like this, in the environment you are experiencing right now is a bunch of drunks. Over time, even though you are basically not a drunk, you will also fall into your environment.

The Influence of the Environment on Human Behavior

Meanwhile, if you are in an environment of businessmen, for example, surely you will indirectly learn to start a business by yourself.

Even so, the environment is also not a benchmark for shaping individual personality, many people think that an environment that has good or bad characteristics can change a person’s physical and behavior.

However, it all depends on each individual who can understand the situation in his / her environment or not.

For example, when a flood occurs in his hometown, the residents will automatically work together to clean his village, if an individual has a love for his village, or at least his house is flooded and has awareness, he will participate in cleaning the village due to the flood.

The Influence of the Environment on Human Behavior

Unlike the lazy and unconscious individual, he will not help or participate in cleaning up his village, or even really ignore it even though his house is flooded. Maybe he will only see his parents and siblings cleaning the house, while he is just sitting or even sleeping. He was indifferent even though it was also to his detriment.

Environmental Influence on Human Behavior

From some of the examples above, of course, it can be concluded that human behavior has a huge impact on the environmental influences they are facing.

The environmental dimension can be divided into three groups, namely the physical environment, the social environment and the cultural environment. These three dimensions will have a major influence on human behavior.

What is meant by physical environment is a type of environment that is physically related. An example is the work environment.

The physical environment is one of the causes of success in implementing it
a job, but also can cause a failure in the execution of a job.

Because the work environment can affect workers, especially those that are psychological in nature. Meanwhile, the influence itself can be positive and it can be

The physical environment can be described as anything that we can physically experience through our senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing, and / or taste. The physical environment includes both the natural environment and the man-made environment.

The Influence of the Environment on Human Behavior 2

For example, the physical environment of a home can include man-made structures such as walls, pipes, and equipment, as well as the natural environment, such as the air circulating in the house, water flowing through pipes, and trees, plants, and animals in the yard.

One must consider the elements of the surrounding physical environment when deciding how to interact with that environment. For example, maybe it is the height of summer and there is no air conditioning in the house, in this case, opening windows and using a ceiling fan will improve the physical environment in terms of human comfort.

Then, the social environment is an environment that was originally formed from the existence of social groupings, in which there is an adjustment to the existence of rules in society that have a compelling nature.

Defining skills is as “an individual’s capacity to perform various tasks in a job”. The overall skills of a person are essentially composed of two sets of factors, including intellectual skills and physical skills.

Whereas for the cultural environment, namely the cultural environment, is all conditions, both in the form of material (objects) and non-material which are produced by humans through their activities and creativity. … And also includes non-material values, norms, customs, arts, political systems and so on.

Environmental quality standards are said to be good if the environment can provide a sense of security and prosperity for all members of the community in running and developing their cultural system.

Environmental perceptions are interpretations of a setting by individuals, based on the cultural background, reasoning and experiences of the individual. Everyone can have a different picture according to their respective perceptual processes.

The built environment is a system formed by sub-systems.

The most important thing about the influence of space on human behavior is the function or use of that space. There are two types of space that can influence behavior, namely space designed to fulfill a function and purpose and space designed to fulfill a more flexible function.

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