Tips for Caring for Louis Vuitton Bags Correctly – In the midst of a pandemic that is currently hitting almost the entire world, of course, there are many things you can do. Like one of them for fans of expensive Louis Vuitton bags.

Most of the people who buy this branded bag don’t know how to take care of this expensive bag. If not maintained, of course, will reduce the service life and type of durability of the bag.

Quoted from the silverforce page, bags and shoes can support fashion and are also valuable investments. For that, care is needed and don’t be mistaken for caring for bags or shoes carelessly in cleaning them.

Moreover, it is better to recognize the material from the bag. Bags and shoes made of leather can have a dry cracked, scrape or discolored texture, and are most often exposed to mold.

For that, please refer to some tips on caring for Louis Vuitton bags below so that they are always durable and long lasting.

Tips for Caring for Louis Vuitton Bags Properly

Tips that can be done at home to keep the bag shiny, durable and avoid fungus, namely

First, avoid using home remedies, such as using water, eucalyptus, alcohol, vinegar, wet wipes, disinfectant or laundry detergent to clean leather bags because they can damage the leather. Use a special leather lotion that is safe to clean the bag.

Second, he continued, use silica gel and a dustbag. This is useful for absorbing moisture in the room so it is good to be placed near a bag or leather shoes. However, you can also pay attention to the age of use.

Many don’t know that silica gel has a shelf life of 2-4 weeks. Therefore, change the silica gel periodically to avoid mildew due to damp cabinets. In addition, use dustbags to protect bags and shoes from fine dust which can be difficult to clean over time, he added.

Meanwhile, avoid the sun because the exposure can damage the texture of the leather and make it cracked. Many also often forget that sunlight can also enter through windows and can indirectly lead and damage bags or shoes.

Therefore, store bags and shoes in a place away from sunlight. Next or fourth, use a bag pillow as a stuffing in the bag which is useful for maintaining the shape of the bag during storage. In this case, you can use a soft towel or blanket as an alternative to a bag pillow. However, avoid using newspaper because the ink can stick to the inside of the bag, she explained. Finally, Sandra suggests rotating the use of the bag.

If you like one bag, usually tend to use the same bag in a row. Sometimes I don’t know the condition of another bag because it’s too comfortable with that one bag.

This will result in not knowing the condition of the other bags. “By rotating the usage, you will be more aware if there is a bag that is moldy or damaged so that it can be repaired immediately.

The above treatment can indeed be done at least once a month or only when dirty. But to be more awake, you can apply a few simple rules in your daily life. For example, by not holding the bag with dirty hands or just touching the moisturizer. Or by not drying the bag in a hot place and direct sunlight. Then also avoid wearing the same bag so it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

In addition, rotating the bag can also prevent the bag from becoming moldy due to being kept in the cupboard too long.

How, very easy right? If we take care of the bag properly, of course, the value of the bag will not drop if we want to sell it secondhand.

Make Your Branded Bag A High Investment Value

Not only buying branded bags like Louis Vuitton will experience losses when we sell them, in fact, many people even get a profit when selling these branded bags.

This is due to the high value of demand and the scarcity of goods on the market. Therefore, the more we care for branded bags properly and accordingly, the bags we have can be a high investment value in the future.

It’s no secret that the branded bags that are the target of women have fantastic prices. This is reasonable considering that a bag with a classic design from a well-known brand can last and remain attractive to wear for years to come.

Because of their price and uniqueness, not a few women make high-end branded bags as an investment. For this reason, branded bags should be treated in a special way as I explained above.
Are you interested in starting a branded bag business with a high selling value?
That is the information that I can pass on to you. Hopefully this article can help you in caring for various kinds of bags that are you have.
See you on another occasion and always be successful.

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